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The music scene in Athens is unlike any other. In fact, did you know that Athens was an important part of the evolution of alternative rock and new wave?

We pride ourselves in being the home of award-winning bands like R.E.M., The B-52s, and other indie, rock, and hip-hop groups. This city has paved the way for bands, independent artists, and even record labels to get their start.

Because of widely known venues such as the Georgia Theatre and the 40-Watt Club, Athens continues to attract new artists looking for a venue and a group of people to give them a chance. The people of Athens are always ready to answer that call.

Athens is also home to the AthFest Music and Arts festival, held each year in historic downtown. Local and regional musicians all flood the square and remind us of why Athens is such a unique place.

At any time of day- and night- you can usually find live music happening somewhere in the city. Whether you are the artist looking for a city to create yourself in or a music junkie looking for the next acoustic show, Athens has you covered.

For a calendar list of artists and their performance dates, click here.

Jarrett’s Favorite Athens Band/ Musician:

Neutral Milk Hotel

Carol’s Favorite Athens Band/Musician:

Randall Bramlett

Charlisa’s Favorite Athens Band/ Musician:


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